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August 2013

Canada - Kamloops to Mt Robson National Park

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The next leg of our two and a bit week trip wound north of Whistler towards Mt Robson National Park with a night in Kamloops. We thought renting a car was the best way to do it and considering the dozens of stops we did along the way we were right! Across the South American continent bus travel is extensive, cheap and very frequent...Canada? Not so much.

Renting, buying or loaning a car really is the only option. You can go where you want, when you want and stop as often as you like. There were some really great things to see along the this route including Nairn Falls, Joffe Lakes (stunning), Duffey Lake, Hat Creek Ranch before we arrived in Kamloops. The mountains, lakes and viewing points were around every corner, breathtaking stuff.


Kamloops Guesthouse was the best budget option in the town and Gary was a great host who gave us plenty of info for the next leg. The rain eased up as we wound our way further north into Wells Gray Provincial park and explored Spahats Falls. The viewing point allows you to peer over the 80m sheer drop and horseshoe shaped canyon. The falls themselves at at around 60m and pour there way through a small opening in the canyon. Well worth checking out, and their only 10km off the main highway.

Good pub food and a night in a tipi at Blue River Campground was a new experience and the following day we made it to Canada's highest peak...Mt Robson which sits at 3,954m. Draped in glaciers, it towers above anything else in the region and it would have been great to hike the Berg Lake trail all the way to the Berg Glacier but it was 21km one way...42km in one day? Not happening! The 12km return hike along the Robson River to the calm blue Kinney Lake was fantastic, especially with Mt Robson's reflection. The rainforest is actually the worlds only inland temperate rainforest, a wonderful place. You should go if you can!


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Canada - Whistler

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Since arriving in Canada we've explored in and around Vancouver as well as some of Vancouver Island and when family came over it was time to see what else was on offer in British Columbia and the Rockies in Alberta! It has involved two trips to Whistler, which most noted for it's fantastic skiing...we hit it up in summer and found that there is still loads to do.

It's a resort town only about 2 hours north of Vancouver, home to many of the winter Olympic events from 2010. It has a great feel with loads of restaurants and bars - a popular destination for Vancouverites and always seems to have a real buzz about it. Modern buildings and facilities in a stunning setting, flanked by Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb and others - very impressive. Summer activities could keep you busy for weeks, there's an info book which actually lists 99 things to do in Whistler - unfortunately we couldn't pack them all in. Some highlights:

- Taking the chair lift to the top of Blackcomb mountain, followed by the new 'Peak to Peak' gondola which stretches all the way across to Whistler mountain. It holds the record for the longest free span between towers and the highest point above the ground - 465m!
- Hiking the High Note Trail, which loops around Whistler mountain for 360 degree views of the entire area including Cheakamus lake.
- Mountain Biking on the wide range of trails around Lost Lake, world class!
- More mountain biking at Whistlers Mountain bike park which has over 200km of lift serviced gravity fed downhill mountain biking! Well worth the lift pass, just make sure you have the right gear! (Paul looked slightly out of place going up with an old school bike, lack of armor and regular non-full face helmet!)
- Emerald lake, picturesque and very emerald!

All that plus the plethora of dining options and the hostels are good too. We stayed at Fireside lodge which was great and the Hi Hostel was home to the Olympic Athletes when they competed in 2010. Hope we can get back to see what it's like in winter...


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